Merry and Bright


I always love our apartment so much during the holidays. It feels so cozy and we are surrounded by so many treasures that we’ve collected together or from our childhoods. This ice skating rink is from Michael’s childhood but we had the exact same style one in my house! All these things make me smile. We have another tree and the kitchen/ dining table is all decorated too. I’ll be sure to post those next week!


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The trees are losing all their leaves and I don’t think we’ll have much of these beautiful colors left for much longer. It pretty much feels like winter now. I’m not looking forward to taking outfit photos in these cold temperatures!


I don’t normally shop at Old Navy but I randomly went in there last month and was pleasantly surprised with their sweaters. I found this one on sale for less than $15 that day! I couldn’t resist with the price and the cute “Merci” on the front. I also picked up the cardigan from this post. I was happy when I realized it matched this vintage skirt! I’ve had it for years but I hardly ever wore it since I didn’t have many tops that go with it.


Sweater: Old Navy | Chambray shirt: Target | Skirt: Vintage

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Rockport, MA


We were a little late in booking our trip to Salem so nearly every place to stay was booked up. We opted to stay about a half hour away on the coast in this cute little town called Rockport. I was so pleasantly surprised with our choice. The water and the streets were so picturesque. There’s a street that goes right down to the water just lined with shops. We strolled around for a bit, grabbed a fish dinner and ate some ice cream. Unfortunately everything closed very early so we weren’t able to go in some of the shops we wanted to. I think it’s because it was the off season for a coastal town.


Michael and I love visiting new towns and exploring around. I wish we were able to do it more but I’m always happy when we have a chance. I’m so glad we picked this town to stay in and I would definitely think about going back!


I was a little overdressed when the sun was shining but I was glad to have this sweater when the sun went down. I’m wearing all vintage or things I bought many years ago.


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It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!


Happy Halloween! Here’s a few more shots from our weekend in Salem. We went to the Ropes Mansion which was used as Allison’s house in Hocus Pocus. If you couldn’t tell, I really love that movie. We also visited Max’s house a couple years ago. There’s a few more spots around that were used in the filming that I haven’t been to yet. Anyway, I bought this coat on our first trip to Salem and it always reminded me of Allison’s coat in the beginning of the movie so it seemed fitting to wear it here. (Even if it was 80 degrees out…)


There’s a lot of history in this town. I’ve never been to any of the museums about the witch trials but we did visit the memorial and the cemetery next to it. Have you been to Salem? What’s your favorite part?


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A Picnic in the Park


Yesterday was a beautiful day- warm and breezy. It was a perfect day for a picnic to say goodbye to summer. Michael and I packed up some sandwiches and blankets and headed to the park. We ate, read and relaxed under this tree for hours.


I found the dress I’m wearing on Saturday for only $5 at the flea market! It was peeking out under a pile of clothes as we were walking to our car. I’m so glad I looked! I packed up my summer wardrobe over the weekend, so it will be autumn colors and outfits from here on out.


Dress: vintage |Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens